Neat as a Pinterest

Interior designers and wardrobe coaches are forever advising us commoners to create inspiration boards.

Pull magazine pictures, postcards, paint chips, bits of string, anything that inspires you. This, they say, this will produce the holy grail. Your guiding light of personal style.

Like sirens in the sea, crafters, chefs, and domestic divas have also lured us.

Clip their recipes. Buy their magazines. Watch their shows. Read their books. Then flail hopelessly about trying to replicate their perfection.

But now I have Pinterest.

I pin whatever I like. Collect it on one of my own boards. Move it to another. Even delete it.

I choose the content and contributors in my own virtual magazine. There is no paper to recycle. No subscription renewal. No ragged-edged article glaring at me every time I walk into my kitchen because I have yet to cook its blue crab and corn chowder or paint my walls tangerine.

I expand out beyond food, crafts, and home decorating to pin other interests. Books. Art. Photography. Gardening. Kate Spade.

Pinterest is an organizer. A bookmarker. A cyber bulletin board. An ideas exchange. A creative breathe-in-breathe-outlet with endless applications.

My pins are safely tucked away. Nice and neat in vivid pixels. Accessible when the mood strikes me. Their linked sources but a quick click away.

Pinterest is free. And Pinterest is freeing. Like all good social media, it is the great equalizer. There are no kings in the pinmarklet. Pinners are at liberty to share their own finds and ideas. To pin and be pinned.

Case in point, my latest creation. A bit of Beyoncé-inspired pintelligence:

Pinners, you know what to do. On your marks. Get set. Pin it.

A generous person will prosper;
whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25 NIV

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) by Beyoncé. Bring it home, girlfriend.

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11 responses to “Neat as a Pinterest

  1. Joy

    I have to get in there and do more with mine. Time!!! I need more time :-)

  2. Jonesingafter40

    Afraid to open the glittering Pandora’s box that is Pinterest…

  3. :) Aren’t you clever? Love it, Aimee! Off to “put a pin on it!”

  4. I’m hoping to get pinning this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I really like how you summed up Pinterest! Everyone always asks me what it is, why I do it… I like your version!! :)